Ion-nav-view/ion-side-menu animation conflict


Not sure if someone has already bumped into this, but I am running around in circles trying to get nav-view animations to play nicely with the side menu.

If I put animation=“slide-left-right” on my primary ion-nav-view everything is fine until I get to to the state with abstract views for the side menu.

Then, when I use my side menu I am getting double animations with views occasionally sliding in from the left depending on my previous state. It’s almost as if I want these animations to be everywhere except the open/close transition of the side menu.

If a put animation=“none” on my ion-nav-view name=“menuContent” that somewhat solves the problem, but then subsequent drilling down in a given side-menu state is no longer animated.

Is there a workaround, is this intended functionality, or am I doing something wrong?


As an example:

If, after clicking on attendees, you wanted to have each Attendee name clickable which would then animate right to left with a sub-view of attendee details, is that possible without affecting the side menu animation?