No animation functionality 0.9.26

I was reading the release notes for 0.9.26 and see you added the following ion-nav-animation

I was wondering if someone could provide the available animations for this?

I tried the following however there is no success on my end.

<a ui-sref ion-nav-animation="no-animation">Side Menu Link</a>

All i get is the traditional left-right animation that is part of the ion-nav-view

<ion-nav-view animation="slide-left-right" hide-nav-bar="true"></ion-nav-view>

Any help would be appreciated.


Hmm, I’ll have @adam or @andytjoslin take a look at this. Just filed a bug:

Hey @vialware - could you try doing ‘slide-in-up’ and let me know how it works?

Also, is this link <a> link of yours inside a nav-view? It actually won’t work if it’s a ‘sibling’ element… That might be an oversight.

@andytjoslin yes this is inside a nav-view. I’m using it in the side menu navigation. Which is inside a nav view because I wanted animations for the index and login/sign up pages.