Ion-Modal Transparency on Large Devices when Swiping Down

Topic Name: Inconsistent Modal Transparency on Large Devices when Swiping Down

Description: I am experiencing an issue with the transparency of modals in my Ionic application when swiping them down on large devices. The modal which is presented as a card modal (mode=“ios”) where it does not take up the entire width of the screen on these devices. However, every time I swipe the modal down, its transparency changes, becoming more transparent. This behavior is not observed on smaller devices where the modal occupies the full width.

I have examined my custom CSS styles and configurations, but I couldn’t identify any specific cause for this issue. It seems that this behavior might be implemented in the Ionic framework itself. I would like to know if this is intended behavior or if there is a way to maintain consistent transparency throughout the swiping action on large devices.

Any insights, suggestions, or workarounds from the Ionic community would be greatly appreciated.

Stackblitz example (directly forked from the ion-modal card example):

Small example: