Bug in modals

On large screens (I am using an iPad) the modal is rendered to not be fullscreen.

When you focus in a text input in the modals, the modal content is able to scroll out of container and above the header.

Also, when the keyboard is open, all of the content from underneath the modal disappears of the screen, then comes back when the keyboard closes. This all happens both with and without using the ionic keyboard plugin.

I am using the latest Beta13

Any idea? Thanks!

Any chance you could test out the nightly builds to see if it has been fixed there?

Just tried it out and unfortunately the issue is not resolved in the nightly build either.

I just swapped out all the css and javascript files and it didnt fix it.

In nightly I noticed that one of my ng-repeats with a sort and filter on stopped working in nightly but works fine in beta13. It doesn’t display any of the items until I start to type in the search box.

Also, on iOS, when I type in the search box, the keyboard is closed after one key press

A quick fix is to add this.

@media (min-width: 600px) {

I can test it out more to see if this would break anything, but it shouldn’t.

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Ah thank you! There is still about a 1px or 2px part that is visible above the header when scrolling but it is far better than before.

Do you have any idea why the ‘main’ content behind the modal disappears only when the keyboard is opened?