Ion-list not showing with keyboard after scanning QrCocde on android!

Ok, this is seems weird to me. But am really stuck.
after i scan qr-code page will be automatically redireted to another page wich contain a ion-list.
So, when i click on search input and start typing with keyboard on android, ion-items won’t shows up until i click outside and hide th keyboard.
this scenario only happens when i scann a qrcode !
is it a scss problem? can anyone expalain to me what happens ?

it seems like onchange(event) does not work properly after scannig qr code! and *ngIf=“search_go” does not change value ??

              <ion-searchbar required 
              [(ngModel)]="scannQR.codetel" name="autocomplete"

<ion-grid *ngIf=“search_go”>


            <ion-item *ngFor="let user of currencyList" (click) = "select_item(, user.Iso )">


                {{ }} 


              <ion-label class="align_code">

                {{ user.Iso }}





any explanation ?

for anyone who will face the same problem, here’s th solution