Need help with issue where list is only updated after keyboard is dismissed

Hello, a couple of days ago I created a topic on StackOverflow with a question regarding a issue that I had. Unfortunately noone could answer the question for me. I am still having this problem:

Since then I have changed my code a bit by using filters rather then for loops like this:

search(event) {
    this.periodsClone = => JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(x)));
    let value =;

    if (value != '') {

      this.periodsClone = this.periodsClone.filter((period) => {
        return (
          period.declarations.filter((declaration) => {
            return (
          }).length > 0


The problem is still the same, but every now and then the list updates while I have the keyboard open.

I have managed to capture both cases:


Doesn’t work:

Can anyone help me out with this one?

also: I have no errors