Ion-input is not taking value in android 4.2.2, working perfectly in 5 and higher versions

I have built an application in Ionic 2 and tested it basically with android version 5+ phones. Recently while testing with lower version phones like android 4.2.2, i noticed the ion-input is not taking value anyhow from the keyboard, the app is launched only. I am completely stuck and finding no idea even after a lot googling. The same code is working perfectly fine with version 5.1 and 6.0. Is it due to lower android versions do not work with Ionic 2?

Angular 2 doesn’t work well with Android <=4.4

But if you need support, you may try to make special builds for older Android phones that use Crosswalk, though.

To add to what @vklinghammer has said, Ionic does not support below android 4.4 without crosswalk

Actually I’m migrating an Ionic 1 app to Ionic 2. The Ionic 1 app is already on play store and functions well even in devices <=4.4 . All the logic , code, features are same but Ionic 2 is not supporting lower android versions.Crosswalk may increase my apk size to 4/5 times which is actually a big deal . Is there any other way around like waiting some more time for all version support from Ionic 2 ? Please suggest…

No. Those older version of android are getting less and less common these days.
This is the same situation as Android 2.3 a few years ago. We decided to not support it for Ionic 1 and it was a good decision.

Now Android 4.3 and below is in the same boat and 2.3. We’re not going to support because it does not support the API Ionic 2 and Angular 2 needs to be fast and performant.

We suggest crosswalk if you REALLY need it, but you’re best bet is to just drop support for it.

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When going for Crosswalk, you need to keep in mind that it adds a little over 50 MB to your app size.

Maybe, what @mhartington suggest about dropping support for anything less 4.4 is better way to go. Market share of Android version <4.4 is anyway low.

Thought of sharing this from my experiment of Crosswalk.

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Thank you for your valuable suggestions. I have already gained a bit of knowledge regarding crosswalk and will hopefully go for it and publish multiple apks on playstore. And maybe at one point only one apk supporting > 4.4 versions would be enough .