Ionic Android 2

Can someone tell me what things of Ionic are not supported on Android 2, please?
I have to make an app for iOS and Android 2 - 4, and I want to be sure.


Does anyone have an answer for this post? I’m in a similar situation. Thanks

The page here: says it supports 4.1+, with so called ‘scaled down support’ for 2.3+ . But the reality is you really need 4.4+ to write somewhat an acceptable app due to the restriction of the bundled browser with Android. And currently, even 4.4+ has issues with hardware accelerated transitions.

In addition to what @heshiming said - solutions like Crosswalk will not work on Android 2.x. I would recommend having a different code base just for 2.x using vanilla Angular (and thus having different builds under the same in app in the Play Store). You might be able to share some common code between bases but this has been the only way I’ve been able to manage support across the board.

Ok. Thanks for the answers guys.