Ion-img is splitting images in virtual list

I am having some experiences with images being split in the middle (vertically) when loading images from the database or from an ajax-call. It looks like the image is being offset by 50% (See image, card number 1 and 2. Desired result is what you see on card nr 3).

Sometimes it is a mix of two different cards, instead of the same card.

I am displaying the imgSrc when it is loaded inside the ion-img tag inside my list.

<ion-list [virtualScroll]="filteredCards" id="page1List">
      <ion-item *virtualItem="let card">
            <ion-img [src]="card.getImgUrl()"></ion-img>

I think maybe this is a bug in Ionic, but I am not sure, and wanted to hear your thoughts on the issue. Anyone else who have had similar experience with this?

I am using ionic-angular: 2.0.0-beta.9

1st thing 1st, upgrade to beta.10 in case it’s already fixed.

I just upgraded to beta.10, but the same bug still remains