Multiple ion-img in VirtualScroll list?

I’ve got a list of cards which appear as two cards in each row in virtual scroll.

Each card contains an image, so I am using ion-img, so there are two ion-img tags per *virtualItem

ion-img seems to work fine until I scroll half way down the list, then none of the remaining images load.

When scrolling back up, the first half of images still show.

Any ideas? Can you have multiple ion-img tags per *virtualItem?

`<div class=“albums-container” [virtualScroll]=“photoRows” approxItemHeight=“150px”>
<div *virtualItem=“let row; let i = index”>

<ion-img [src]=“row.leftPhoto.image” class=“image” width=“145” height=“145”>

<ion-img [src]=“row.rightPhoto ? row.rightPhoto.image : ‘’” class=“image” width=“145” height=“145”>

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