Ion-img: Invert images during scroll


With a virtual scroll, i use “ion-img”.

When page is load, the images displayed are ok.

If I scroll down the list and I go back up, the images do not correspond to the item.

For example,
page loaded: item5 with img5
i scroll down to the list and scroll up
=> Item5 with 13 img

<ion-list [virtualScroll]="items" approxItemHeight="200px"
              approxHeaderHeight="0px" approxFooterHeight="0px">
        <ion-card  *virtualItem="let item;let idx = index" (click)="itemTapped($event, item)" 
                  (swipe)="itemSwipeEvent(item,$event, idx)" >
            <ion-img [src]="item.imageSrc" class="listImg"></ion-img>
            <div [innerHTML]="item.title"></div>
            <div [innerHTML]="(item.publishedDate | amTimeAgo) + ' on ' + item.sourceTitle"></div>

My test list contains 20 item, testing in Chrome browser.

Anyone else have this problem?

With Ionic2.Beta7 and Beta8

not reproduced with beta 9