Ion-datetime shows delayed min


I’m trying to add a ion-datetime with a binded min and when the ion-datetime is showed for example the min year is correctly showed but if this year has a min month it no restrict to this min month until the user scrolls over the UI

For example the <ion-datetime [min]=“value”>

Where value is a binded variable = 2017-12-15

What would be wrong?

Do you face the same problem if you add the value like this ?

<ion-datetime [min]=“2017-12-15”>

If not then you should try to add a “debugger” to see whats going on.

Do it like this:
<ion-datetime (ionChange)="debuggerDate()" [min]=“value”>



I hope this helps a bit.

Same result, If i print the value when i select a wrong value (for example a month not allowed) the value is the selected value, no errors