Ion-datetime min="computed value" raises errors

When I set a min attribute to <ion-datetime> equal to now time (min=“new Date().toISOString()”), I get errors in my console, such as:

TypeError: Cannot destructure property ‘month’ of ‘parseDate(…)’ as it is undefined.
at parseMinParts (data-cb72448c.js:295:11)
at Datetime.processMinParts (ion-datetime_3.entry.js:493:36)
at Datetime.componentWillLoad (ion-datetime_3.entry.js:1073:10)

Not sure why computed values can’t be used here (min is undefined at the time of reading it?)

Anyone who would know how to fix/circumvent that?

You should not be placing that as a value in the min prop. it needs to be a variable.

Same error if I write <ion-datetime min="now_time"> in the template, and now_time = new Date().toISOString(); in my class.

Oh but that’s actually because I hadn’t bound my min property to my component’s property via brackets! Using brackets ([min]="now_time") works just fine…