Get a weird bug when using ion-datetime

<ion-datetime displayFormat="H:mm:ss" placeholder="minutes" [(ngModel)]="minutetime"></ion-datetime>

When I use the full format like this, I can get a setting value back.

However, If I format it with only ‘minute’ and ‘second’ like this.

<ion-datetime displayFormat="mm:ss" placeholder="minutes" [(ngModel)]="minutetime"></ion-datetime>

Now, I won’t get any value back from ngModel.


Actually, I want to do something like in the doc that shows ‘minute’ only, but I can’t access to the value from ngModel.

How do you output to console, what is the TS code?

In my experience, <ion-datetime> likes being bound to a proper, initialized, ISO8601 string. It gets ornery otherwise.

I just use console.log, however when I try to console.dir and console.log and get the same result.

export class Becomezen {

  minutetime: any;

  constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, public navParams: NavParams) {






Yes, I suspect it would be those cases too. But, I don’t understand, why they have an example that can put only a minute in the document.