Ion-datetime - scroll has too much momentum

Is it possible to make this grip to the selected values more rather than continuing to scroll? i.e. to be more “grippy”.

I have this in an app and the users keep entering the wrong time as it is hard for them to use.
I know it works better if you touch on the time rather than scroll but educating users is hard.

Alternative time picker suggestions welcome also.

                <ion-input class="customFullBorderInput" type="date" 
 [(ngModel)]="fromDate" data-date-format="YYYY-MM-DD">
by just setting attribute type="date" it gives you nice date time picker in ionic 

Is there any way to make it 24 hour time?
I am using:

 <ion-input type="time" 
              [(ngModel)]="day.finish" >

That has the AM/PM unfortunately. It seems 24 hour is not possible.

I ended up using this:

But (data-date-format=“YYYY-MM-DD”) Date format is not working.

see angular date formats in im sure you will get what you want

I logged an issue here:

Now in here: