Remove ion-datetime picker options bounce

I’m using ion-datetime for a time picker on my app. It seems like there’s a feature on the picker that causes the lists to bounce or jump when the end of the list is reached. Is there any way to turn this off? My user base is more of an older user base and they are complaining that they are having trouble selecting a time while using this. I personally like it the way it is but, users are complaining…

The question is, is there any way to have the lists in the picker stay at the end and not bounce/jump when it gets there?

At the very least, is there a way to slow the list selections in ion-datetime? IS it a css change to implement this? I’ve been playing around with it and couldn’t seem to figure it out

Have a look at *.scss here:

Thanks for pointing me towards the code base, at least now I was able to find where this is being set. I see that the speed is being set by 1 of the constants in ionic/src/components/picker/picker-options.ts but I’m still not sure how to change those values. I don’t think I could just programmatically change the value of constants

export const PICKER_OPT_SELECTED = ‘picker-opt-selected’;
export const DECELERATION_FRICTION = 0.97;
export const FRAME_MS = (1000 / 60);
export const MAX_PICKER_SPEED = 60;

Any ideas how I could change these values without writing my own custom component?

I guess my question is this. If I want to override some of the functionality of ion-datetime but not all of it, how would I go about doing this? Is there a concept of inheritance like in other OO languages? Can I extend the DateTime class and just override certain things?