Checkbox bug issue?

I have multiple ion-checkboxes and when selected items normally there is no issue but, double tapping items quickly, generates random values like:

  • My custom value (ng-true-value="'Yes'")

  • false

  • Or all of my unchecked values don’t get displayed

<ion-checkbox class="item-dark" ng-model="M1" ng-true-value="'Yes'">One</ion-checkbox> <ion-checkbox class="item-dark" ng-model="M2" ng-true-value="'Yes'">Two</ion-checkbox> <ion-checkbox class="item-dark" ng-model="M3" ng-true-value="'Yes'">Three</ion-checkbox> <ion-checkbox class="item-dark" ng-model="M4" ng-true-value="'Yes'">Four</ion-checkbox> <ion-checkbox class="item-dark" ng-model="M5" ng-true-value="'Yes'">Five</ion-checkbox>

Is this a known issue?