Io.ionic service

Is this me??? I cant use the following on my app. Even on a fresh new created app it don’t work.

ionic add ngCordova
ionic add ionic-service-core

I got:

Failed to find the bower component “ngCordova”.
Are you sure it exists? (CLI v1.5.5)

I checked bower -v: 1.4.1

It’s just bower install ngCordova as described here.

Then I got: Error: EACCES. rmdir xxxxxxxxxxx

And what about the adding the ionic services???

A couple of minutes ago I read an article and watch a video installing Push on a Ionic app here:

I allready did this like told here

I checked read and write permissions. On all directories: read and write permissions OK

Cool, are you using the latest Ionic CLI? A great place to ask questions about the Ionic Services is here.

Yes for sure. I allready update CLI and the lib in my app to the latest.
I was allready in this github.mi chatbox. But nobody replied on my questions

Just tried reboot my iMac. No solution…

Hi all who read this thread: I just discovered that since this morning this is working again. I di noting to my system. I just left it not working before going to sleep.

you must first install bower

npm install -g bower


In case somebody wants to know, start of with this command

sudo npm install -g cordova ionic gulp bower

It will install the latest versions of everything you need, it doesn’t matter if you’ve previously installed one or more of them.

PS: If sudo does not work, gives an error or you don’t have the password, just omit it from the command.