Introducing the Ionic Market

Hey everyone,

We’re really excited to announce that the Ionic Market is ready for your creations! The marketplace makes it easy to submit starters, plugins, and themes and download them for your own projects! Read the full blog post here:

The Ionic Market is free to use, and we don’t charge commission. You are welcome to sell directly through the Market or link to another marketplace, if you already have your add-on listed for sale there.

Check out the Ionic Market, and let us know what you think!


Is very useful! Thanks guys for this solution!



Hey ho,
@brandyshea nice work and i added some plugins and start-templates, but i have some points to mention:

  1. What are exactly the differences between starters and themens?
    In my opionion a theme should contain only one view, where all styled main-ui-components are visible like buttons, inputfields, headings, and so… to see the customization. There should be some guide or restrictions, that make that clear.

  2. Why are logo and two screenshots required to submit a plugin?
    i am more a developer and now the most part i need to bring something in the market is to create a logo with my crappy gimp/illustrator skills ;). Not every plugin it is worth it to make screenshots.

  3. Github integration
    I am for open source and added everything for free… but the i need to copy and paste everything from the repo --> even if there is a new release i need to edit, reuploading the package and set the new release number … Github providers this information for public repos for free :smile: … Now i have duplicated effort

I know the market should be similar to known Marktplaces like PlayStore or AppStore, but it is a platform for developers and not endcustomers for us :wink:

But all in all nice work and keep on rollin’ baby :sunglasses:

greetz bengtler


Hey @bengtler,

Credit for the market goes to @perry :smile:

Thanks for the feedback and questions! He should be able to answer these for you.

Hey @bengtler,

Glad you like it. For your points:

  1. You’re exactly right. It seems some authors, particularly those who don’t speak english as their primary language are getting a bit confused by the difference between a starter and a theme. In a theme, you’re mostly purchasing an SCSS file. Sure it may have example pages, but that’s not the point of it. In a starter, it’s those pages, the example content, that you’re purchasing; even though it may have some custom styles. The differences are subtle, but important. I’ve been emailing authors in some cases to clarify how they’d like things categorized.

  2. Screenshots make sense to me. People need some way of knowing what they’re purchasing and if it’s polished or not. They should be pretty quick and painless to generate too. Logos make less sense. I’d like to eliminate the requirement of logos, but I can’t think of a way to do it in a way that keeps the site visually appealing and polished. If I can think of a way to do that, I will.

  3. This one surprised me. We considered it, but I didn’t think people would be that interested in it. I would like to build something like this out, but I have a few other priorities first.

Currently my priorities are improving error reporting, redesign the comments section, and refactor the submit page to make it much more user friendly.


For the logo Problem --> if screenshots are required use the first one and crop the center part out, put a semitransparent over it and set some text on it like the name of the theme/starter/plugin our only the first Characters something “semi-unique” :smile:

awesome collection of interesting parts! thanks for all helpers

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Thanks this is awesome!! :smile: :clap:

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hi @brandyshea

I’m experimenting with Ionic so I’m very new to it. Specifically with Ionic 2. Is Ionic Market for both versions of Ionic ot just for V1 ?


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Ionic Market will support all versions of Ionic. It was added to the list of versions but it looks like it got removed on accident. We’ll add 2.0 back as a version, thanks! :slightly_smiling:

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Ionic Market is amazing, but there really needs to be a simpler way to filter between Ionic 1 and Ionic 2 projects. It really makes sense to filter it at a top level and I do not care about anything Ionic 1.

Keep up the great work!

I also would like to filter to only see Ionic 2 entries in the marketplace

Hi Brandyshea

Thanks for letting us know. It is really helpful thread. I just gone through the blog post. It contains really nice information.

Thank you so much @brandyshea … Its such very informative and useful information about Ionic Market…

This information is so helpful thank you so much.