Intro Ionic Reach Quickstart errors

I’m new to Ionic React and working through the docs:

I am able to create a new app, view it in my browser with live updates, and modify the various files. However, as I am going through the Quickstart demo app:

…I first notice that the code in my files doesn’t match the code in the docs, even though I generated my demo app using the docs’ instructions. They are mostly small structural differences, I am working through them, and mostly succeeding. However, I have had to add several imports to my app that were not mentioned in the docs in order to get rid of some errors.

But as I got to the section “A Component with Style”, in particular the section about adding the onClick handler, my app completely breaks. The error has something to do with props, they aren’t being passed properly, and I’m not good enough with Ionic React to know what I’m doing wrong.

Its a little frustrating that I can’t get the docs’ demo app to run without errors. Is it just that the docs are not up-to-date with the latest builds that the CLI generates? Is there a better demo I should be using maybe?

Would appreciate any advice. Thank you!

Hey there! Thanks for letting us know about the issues in this section, I’ll get these updated.

That would be great, man. Thank you.