New install of Ionic w/React on MacOS Monterey fails

I’m a long-time programmer but a first-time user of Ionic. I’ve been trying to install the example React App Photo-Gallery. It’s not going well though I have faithfully followed the directions. Anybody else getting it to work? Judging from the error messages, there’s an issue with React not being found. Suggestions?

ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: React



  36 |   37 | setupIonicReact();  38 | > 39 | const App: React.FC = () => (  40 |   <IonApp>  41 |     <IonReactRouter>  42 |       <IonTabs>

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You ran npm install right? It could be that the dependencies didn’t get installed.

Thank you for your response. I found there were a couple of issues. I had introduced some errors with my edits which I fixed. There were also some components missing that I installed with either brew or yarn. I’m going forward now. Thanks for trying to help!