Integration of custom linters (HTML/SCSS)


is there a way to extend the Ionic 3 linting step during build process to not only lint TypeScript but also to configure custom linters such as for HTML (eg. htmlhint - and SCSS (eg. sass-lint -

Currently I created a custom npm script command to run them before Ionic build but it would be a lot more convenient if the whole linting was done in one build step.

Thanks a lot!

In theory, yes, because it’s just a webpack script. But I’ve never played with this, because the script seems to change a lot from version to version, and I’m concerned about a breaking change. That’s just a feeling though, and I might be wrong. If you want to pursue this, I recommend you read the changelog and milestones for app-scripts, and see if what you want to do fits with the direction app-scripts is going.