Process to compile sass using variables.scss with webpack?

I am doing my own custom webpack build process, and I am trying to understand how the styles are built using the default ionic build process… so I can replicate it in webpack alone.

Check out the methods used in node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/ - the general recommendation is to not roll your own unless it’s absolutely essential because there’s a lot of non-trivial bits to get right.

I’m kind of forced to roll my own right now, because the webpack-dev-server handles proxy authentication, whereas ionic proxy does not.

I have been delving into the app-scripts for sure, but the last piece I have is the build process to construct the stylings.

I think I’m working in a way where to can leverage most of the build process, but getting the webpack-dev-server up instead of the ionic dev server is key for me, due to our kerberos authentication.