Integrating Google Authentication with Firebase 3 in Ionic 2 App

Hi! We want to integrate Authentication with Gmail account to my Ionic 2 app. We integrated facebook auth and twitter auth successfully with cordova plugins. But for Gmail auth I can’t find appropriate plugin. Course of security reasons it is supported only signInWithCredential(credential) method of Firebase. How can I implement this method? How to get credential? Thanks


Mike wrote about it here, it’s basically the same as Facebook but with that Google plugin :slight_smile:

thanks for a quick reply, but your link is unclickable (

Missed the http in markdown :stuck_out_tongue: fixed, it’s this one by the way

Can you please update the link
Link is opening but, Can only see blank page.

It’s in the Ionic blog, look for it there, don’t know why the link is throwing a blank page.