Email auth is working, how to add social auth?


Hi guys, I’ve followed this tutorial to enable email auth on the ionic app.

Now I have the following elements in my app.module.ts

const myFireBaseAuthconfig ={
    provider: AuthProviders.Password ,
    method: AuthMethods.Password


  imports: [

so now I’d like to add for example Facebook auth. Everything behind the scene like connecting firebase with the Facebook app is done, but my question is about the code.

I know how I could replace the email auth with the Facebook one, by using the following config and making the adequate changes in the auth pages

const myFireBaseFacebookAuthConfig = {
      provider: AuthProviders.Facebook,
      method: AuthMethods.Popup

But how should I edit my app.module.ts to have both ?

Thanks !
EDIT: And happy new year!


Happy Newyear too!

I helped me with this:
Add Facebook Login to an Ionic 2 App