Integrate ionic project in my xcode project, BroadCast plugin not work


I need to integrate ionic project to my xcode project to implement hybrid.

Flow document:
Use carthage cordova.framework I succeed integrate ionic project in my xcode project.

All www source files work fine, but I use BroadCast plugin in my ionic project, I found that this plugin can not work when integrate ionic project in my own xcode project. (Broadcast plugin work well in /platforms/ios project.)
And the document just show how to integrate www source and cordova.framework in my xcode. I do not know how to integrate native plugins in ionic project to xcode project.

I try to inclued CDVBroadcaster.h and CDVBroadcaster.m source code in my xcode project. But still can not work. Any suggestion will be very appreciate.


Solved that.

Integrate config.xml, www and plugins directory sources from platforms/ios/*** to xcode project.