Export ionic project into XCode?

Is there a possible way to export my ionic project and put it into XCode and work on it in there? Specifically main.storyboard?

Ionic is just Cordova. So if you did “ionic platform add ios” (if you haven’t already) and then “ionic prepare ios” that makes an Xcode project in the platforms folder.

Just be cautious, if you have to remove and add that ios platform again then it will undo all those changes. But you could copy that project out of that platforms folder and then work on it from there, but you would lose all the easy ways to update Ionic and Cordova plugins.

Was there a specific reason you wanted to work on the story boards? Maybe we can help you achieve what you’re wanting without having to do that

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For things that I can do using the storyboard in XCode that I can’t achieve using Ionic/Cordova.

Right but what things?

I don’t think it’s a safe idea to alter the storyboards that cordova has set up for you.

So that’s how you would do it is my previous answer, but I would advise against it.

Best of luck, let us know what you’re doing I’m very curious haha :slight_smile:

Hey I think with new iOS9 multitasking it is necessary to have .storyboard file if you want to support Split View.

Is anyone able to get that split view working in there Ionic app.