InAppBrowser IOS 7 - not working as documented

Code works fine on android but not on IOS? Pretty sure is is not related to ionic but wanted to post some tin here just incase.

Basically the plugin never launches the URL in an external window on IOS but works perfectly on Android.

Any thoughts?

Do you mind sharing a sample of the code? Kind of hard to see if there are any issues with out it

so after further investigation, I found this is a known issue where sometimes plugins do not install properly. I had to create a new project, reinstall all of the plugins and then move my source files from the original project to new project.

now everything works

Here is the related ticket

Awesome, glad to hear you resolved it!

I ran into a similar issue with IOS 8 and the iPhone plugged into a Mac, running the Xcode project on the device. After searching a lot, my solution could be broken down to the following:

  1. ionic platform remove ios
  2. ionic platform add ios

Also I got this bit added manually in the config.xml:

<feature name="InAppBrowser">
  <param name="ios-package" value="CDVInAppBrowser" />