Integrate Adbmob into Ionic Angular/Capacitor

How i can integrate this plugin
in angular ionic

You can’t. It is an React Native Plugin and not an cordova/capacitor one…

ok thanks bro … how i can use ad native advanced (admob) in angular ionic
i’m not find in plugin admob free and plugin admob pro

as far as i know there is no plugin for this currently. Not my main topic, so i don’t know if this is possible. I think you need to explore hoe this works nativly and if possible try to create a own plugin

There’s an admob plugin available for Capacitor apps in the Capacitor Community. This will do what you need:

it includes Native Ads? :flushed:

Yes, it uses the native Google Ads APIs

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How i can insert ad inside dev with this plugin

Best place to start is with the README, I haven’t personally used this one yet:

Sorry I made a mistake , i want to say ho to insert ad inside specific

with this plugin

Hi. Web View Apps can’t put Native Ad inside HTML area.


This is not possible. Native Ad is not HTML.

We can put Native Ad to topbar or bottombar:

スクリーンショット 2020-10-27 18.50.44

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