AdMob integration error

Hi, I’m integrating Google Admob in Ionic-React application that I’d render as APK for Android devices. I’m using the package @capacitor-community/admob latest version.
I’ve these concerns:

  1. With this package I’m able to integrate Banner and Interstitial ad units successfully.

  2. But I’m unable to create Native Advanced ad units. So does this package supports Native Advanced ad units? If yes, please share documentation link because I cannot find any documentation about it.

  3. After some search I came across this package capacitor-admob-ads that supports Native Advanced ad units so I tried to use it but it gives following error: (screenshot attached)

Ad failed to load Invalid template ID: -1

  1. I also came across some other discussions that says that the Native Advanced ads can only be integrated in pure native technologies like Kotlin or Swift, it cannot be integrated using cross-platform technologies like Ionic-Capacitor, React-Native or Flutter. Can anyone confirm if this statement is valid or not?