Experience exchange: How do you embed ads in Capacitor / Ionic app


I have an Ionic/Capacitor app. I`m struggling with embedding ads.

Problems I have:

  1. Poor Native CMP support: I only found capacitor implementation for Google CMP with @capacitor-community/admob - This is a great Plugin. But the Google CMP is not configurable like I want it (Accept Consent or start subscription tiral)

  2. I would like to e.g. implement interstitial and Reward ads from https://smartyads.com/ - But this is not possible, right? I would have to code my own Capacitor plugin to allow Javascript/Smartyads interface communication, right?

  3. It is possible to implement web version of e.g. Sourcepoint CMP, and just show web ads like in the web version of my app. But the CMP is e.g. not accepted from AdMob, because it is not natively implemented. So my users have to apply to two CMPs

I would like to hear how other Capacitor/Ionic projects do this. How do you moneytize your app with ads? Which providers and libraries are you using?

Does really nobody have the problems I have? How do you earn money with your App? How do you implement CMPs?

Hi, I currently have an active app running with adsense ads in ios and android using cordova. Someone added support for it last year in this plugin : https://admob-plus.github.io/ . It seems like it’s only in cordova and not capacitor for now. I’m looking to migrate to capacitor but I also need this feature before I make the plunge.

Hey @laf1greg,

thank you for your answer. I see that the cordova plugin even has support for native ads in HTML. Interesting. This does not work in the Capacitor plugin I use.

But for which feature are you waiting, too? For the possibility to add other native CMPs?

Out of curiosity, are you delivering personalized ads in Cordova? We’re experiencing a significant issue with ads using Google Ad Manager in Capacitor. There doesn’t seem to be any personalization in the ads and we haven’t been able to figure out why.