Installing local ionic branch


I’m trying to install a local ionic branch into the directory of my app in order to try out some changes to ionic components inside of my app. If I npm install [path to local branch], it doesn’t seem to install the ionic-angular components, so I still don’t actually see the changes reflected in the app. Any ideas how I can set this up?


I would really really strongly recommend against doing this. You are asking for neverending maintenance hell when your custom changes break against future Ionic versions.

That being said, according to @jgw9617’s comment in this issue:

You can run gulp package build --typecheck and then copy and paste the contents of the ionic/dist directory to the ionic-angular package in your testing app.

That may still work today.


I get “Task ‘package’ is not in your gulpfile”, though I’m wondering if that’s caused by some (apparently known) issues when developing on windows (for certain logistical reasons I’m working on this on my windows rather than my linux machine).
Just to clarify, I’m not planning on maintaining a separate version, rather I’m using my app to test out code that I intend to make pull requests to ionic for.


I was afraid they may have changed things. Does gulp release.prepareReleasePackage look any more promising?


Fantastic, that worked, thank you! And rather than copying I created a symlink so that I don’t have to keep copying things over when making changes.


Beware that. That’s fundamentally the problem that caused that issue to be created in the first place, so at the first sign of any wonkiness I would ditch the symlink and use something like rsync instead.


Which issue?
And thanks for the heads up!


The one I linked in my first post about npm link not working with Ionic.


Ah right, of course. It seems to be working for now so perhaps the underlying problem was fixed, but I’ll keep it in mind in case I run into any problems. Thanks again for your help!


My pleasure, look forward to seeing your contributions to the framework.