Contribute / build ionic-angular package from source

Anybody knows how to build the ionic-angular package from the source on github ? I would like to play/change the original components to maybe contribute.
I followed

  1. fork repo
  2. clone fork
  3. make custom branch
  4. npm install
  5. ??? (after changing components, how can I build the ionic-angular package to use/test the modified version in my app?)

I think this part is missing in the

thanks for any help here :slight_smile:

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I found out myself, the gulp task is as following:
gulp compile.release ( the package ‘ionic-angular’ is found in the dist/ folder.

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Just for those of who wants to use built dist version as dependency, one needs to run gulp release.prepareReleasePackage instead. This will correctly copy package.json and numerous other stuffs to make it self-contained npm package.