@capacitor/geolocation IOS - no compatible versions?


when I run 'ionic cap add ios ’ I get this…

ℹ Installing iOS dependencies – Skipping: already installed
✔ Adding native xcode project in: /Users/leowhite/Sites/ionic/advanced-app-demo/ios in 18.43ms
✔ add in 20.87ms
✔ Copying web assets from www to ios/App/public in 426.66ms
✔ Copying native bridge in 7.59ms
✔ Copying capacitor.config.json in 3.27ms
⠴ copy  Found 1 Cordova plugin for ios
    cordova-plugin-geolocation (4.1.0)
✔ copy in 538.80ms
✔ Updating iOS plugins in 16.43ms
  Found 1 Capacitor plugin for ios:
    @capacitor/geolocation (0.4.0)
  Found 1 Cordova plugin for ios
    cordova-plugin-geolocation (4.1.0)
✖ Updating iOS native dependencies with "pod install" (may take several minutes): 
✖ update ios: 
[error] Analyzing dependencies
[!] CocoaPods could not find compatible versions for pod "CapacitorGeolocation":
  In Podfile:
    CapacitorGeolocation (from `../../node_modules/@capacitor/geolocation`)
Specs satisfying the `CapacitorGeolocation (from `../../node_modules/@capacitor/geolocation`)` dependency were found, but they required a higher minimum deployment target.

[ERROR] An error occurred while running subprocess capacitor.
        capacitor add ios exited with exit code 1.

My environment :


Ionic CLI : 6.12.4 (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/@ionic/cli)
Ionic Framework : @ionic/angular 5.5.2
@angular-devkit/build-angular : 0.1101.2
@angular-devkit/schematics : 10.0.8
@angular/cli : 10.0.8
@ionic/angular-toolkit : 2.3.3


Capacitor CLI : 2.4.6
@capacitor/core : 2.4.6


cordova-res : 0.15.3
native-run : 1.3.0


NodeJS : v10.16.3 (/usr/local/bin/node)
npm : 6.9.0
OS : macOS Catalina

Can anyone help?


Capacitor 2 included all plugins inside
Capacitor 3 moved plugins out

You are trying to use a Capacitor 3 plugin inside Capacitor 2 app.

So, don’t use any @capacitor/pluginName if you are still using Capacitor 2.