Inspecting ios on linux

Does anyone have experience using ios webkit debug proxy for dev tools on linux (ubuntu specifically)? Or with the recent Inspect tool that replaced the old remove ios proxy for chrome? In Inspect all I see is “No debuggable apps found” even when I’m running my app. The app is a testflight build, signed with a distribution provisioning profile. Could that be the reason? Does it have to be signed with a development profile for me to be able to debug using these tools?

I tried a lot with that one but it seems to be outdated. At least 6months ago

I ended up using a virtual machine to use safari tech preview to debug the pwa

I am on win10 machine btw

Oh interesting. A virtual machine like using virtualbox on your computer? Or remotely?

Well I fixed it with VMWare

Cant tell for cloud solution

And VirtualBox did not do the trick for me on AMD