Can I use Chrome to debug on iPhone?

I am trying to find out why my app is not working correct on the iPhone.

Is it possible to use Chrome to view the device or am I limited to Safari which I am finding difficult to use.

As far as I know, I think only Safari for iPhone respectively Chrome for Android if you want to debug a real phone in a browser while pairing it with a cable

Which difficulties?

Thanks for the reply - the difficultly is finding the code - in Chrome it shows it per page - whereas in Safari I have to look in main.js which tends to be large.

Oh I understand…well I’m old’school, kind of, when I want to debug my code (not the html) while pairing the phone with cable and using Safari or Chrome, I just build a version of my app with many console.log outputs till I figure out what’s the problem

Well, there might be a way. Have a look at this:

(In my bookmarks for months, always wanted to play with it and add it to but never got around to it - so let me know if it works or doesn’t work)

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Thanks - had a try - got as far as being able to see the device in chrome - will need to spend some time with it later on.

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