Debuggin iOS using tools like firebug, safari webinspector or chrome developer tools?


i am working on my first ionic app, during all the development process i was testing my app on android, using genymotion as emulator and chrome development tools as debugger(Debugging the javascript and ajax calls). But right now i’m need to test the app for ios, but i dont know how to debug it like the way i debug the android version. Anyone has any idea how to do this?.

Thanks to everybody!

I’m not aware of a way to live debug on an actual iOS device, but you can do it from Xcode’s iOS simulator. In Safari you’ll need to enable the Develop menu option, which is in Preferences under Advanced. Then any time you have the iOS simulator running you can open Safari, and under the develop menu you’ll see ‘iOS Simulator’ listed. Click on that and it’ll open the Web Inspector and let you debug it just like any other page in Safari.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks man it works!

Hello mate there is nice project on git that allow you to use Chrome debugger :wink:

Hope this will help you somehow :slight_smile: