Pagination with new type of ion-slide (Swiper)

Trying to use the new ion-slides. According to the release notes you should be able to use Swiper’s API. This works for some parameters but not for others. For example, I can’t get a different style of pagination to work, apart from ‘bullet’. Here’s a plunkr with my problem (Codepen didn’t work for some reason):

It would be awesome if somebody could show me how to recreate this in Ionic (here’s the source code for it).

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Well, I just found the answer myself: It is hard-coded. Slightly disappointed.

Will this be changed at some point in the future?

Good question mate. Would like to know the answer as well.

Yep, would be nice if it supported the latest API.

There’s already a github request to update swiper to the latest version for anyone interested…

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Still nothing about this? Very frustrating that Ionic is not listening to the community.