Insert Images


When I insert image in my Application, images show up in the browser but it didn’t in my real device?
am I need to put the image into folder the device? have no idea where is that folder in my device?


How are you inserting the image?
You should place the image in www/images, or a subdirectory of that.
For example, if I had a logo at logo.svg in my images folder, I’d embed it:
<img src="images/logo.svg">


@RansomTime this is my text img ng-src=“img/myPhoto.JPG” width=“80” and myPhoto in folder www/img, it works when view by browser but wont in real device :frowning:


Does src instead of ng-src work?


finally it work @RansomTime :slight_smile:


In case if someone see this post in futur.

don’t use absolute link for image <img src="/img/myImage" />
but relative link <img src="img/myImage" />



Thanks for your help!