How do I display an image

Sorry if this is a super noob question but I just cannot figure out how to display an image.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Can you provide some more info?

Any code snippets or codepen demos?

Ty putting this in the ion-content directive:

<img src="" alt="A random image" />

Should give the following image:
A random image

I had my image folder in the root of www and kept getting 404. I moved my image folder into the img folder and now it works. Also, I was using a leading slash which I think messed it up too.


Hi MarkNeon,

if your image folder is in the root off the www folder than the code should look like this:

< img src="img/yourImage.png" />

Folderstructure: c:\workspace/projectname/www/img/yourImage.png


Hi Mav,

Yeah, eventually I figure that out.