[Ionic] Where should I put images

I am confusing about putting images. In src folder, it has folder call assets and then img. I put images there. It worked in browser but app
ref: Images not loading in mobile from this post I put images in www/assets/img. It worked in app but the browsers
I declared it like this:
background-image: url("../assets/img/intro.png");

put it in


when you build , it will copy to “www”

It should work in both browser and app.
This is how I am using images in my project -

  1. All images are in src/assets/img.
  2. In the .scss file of any page background-image: url("../assets/img/myImage.png");.

If it still doesn’t works, try adding !important after css property like background-image: url("../assets/img/intro.png") !important;

ùnortunatly, when building I did not see any images. Something wrong with
my ionic? could you help me to show how to manual build or trigger the
build. I did deleted all images in www once

Keep your all images in src/assets/img.
Which command you are using to build?

Have you added device platform into your project using ionic cordova platform add android/ios. (“android” and “ios” are separate).

After this command, use ionic cordova build android/ios.

I see, I always use --release is that the problem I can not see it in www.
Thank you so much for helping

You can also try ionic cordova build android/ios --prod. Ionic will build this one keeping produnction in mind.
You can try ionic cordova build android/ios --prod --release too.

You can emulate too (android studio) - ionic cordova run android --prod ("–prod" is optional).

Out of curiosity, why cant they just be put straight into the imgs folder in www? It took me a while to figure out that you don’t put them in there, but I don’t know the reason why.