Input type=date woes

What on earth is the proper way to use input type=date?

I have an Ionic app which is currently being used on iOS only, so I don’t need to support other browsers or anything.

I have a scope level object:

$ = {
    title: "My To Do",
    desc: "Do this and this and that and this too."
    dueDate = ?????    <---- what on earth goes here?

My first issue was even getting a value to appear in the field BEFORE you tapped it the first time. I solved that with:

ng-init="data.todo.dueDate = data.todayString | date:'yyyy-MM-dd'"

But - the model never updates. $ never changes from an initial value. I have futzed about with ISO formatted strings (value disappears from box), directives, filters, etc. Nothing works. It looks like Angular 1.3 has legitimate support for input type=date, but it’s still in beta and I can’t do that in a production app. Been scouring for a possible release data, but haven’t seen one. The latest beta is beta 11 and that was June 6th. Hopefully soon, but until then, I am thoroughly stumped.

Help? Anyone?

I put this together, not sure if it will help thought, but the model is updating for me.

I don’t know if you are still having trouble with this, I know we are having similar trouble, but for iOS the date may need to be converted to an ISO String. Stack Overflow Reference

We tested setting the value to new Date(ourDateInMs).toISOString()); in our application and it worked.