Minor bug - date input field doesn't bind under Firefox with "ionic serve"


Hi all,
I’m a total newbie to Ionic but I think I’ve run across a bug using the input type of “date”. In Chrome and on the device there is a little down arrow that pulls up a date picker type of UI. But in Firefox, this arrow isn’t there and no matter what you type into the field the data isn’t bound to a variable on the Angular side. If I change it to a “text” input and type into it the field binds the data as expected on Firefox. This occurs when I run with “ionic serve --lab”.

Not a giant deal but something that I spent a few hours on.

For reference, this is Firefox 41.0.1 and “ionic -version” shows 1.7.6 though an “ionic lib update” shows 1.1.0 - still learning the difference. This is under Linux Mint 17.2 (Ubuntu 14.04.1 based).


if you want check browser compatibilities for html/css and so on use this site:

:wink: i think this is a firefox issue with the date-input