Input type "date" doesn't work with AlertController

Hi everybody,

I have a big problem, I use a AlertController to put my data from my inputs in my BDD, but I cannot define my input date like an input date (

Look my pictures :



I thought maybe to recover the date of the day in a variable “MyDate” and put this like this :

inputs: [
name: ‘date’,
type: ‘date’,
value: MyDate

But I don’t know how I can recover easily the date of the current day.

Please help me !

Ok, it’s works only on mobile and not in my server on firefox. But It’s possible to put the date of today automatically in the value ?

Thank you for your help

You are posting in the Ionic category, but linking to v1 documentation. Which is it?

sorry about that it’s ionic v3, but firefox doesn’t wok with the input type “date”

Is there a reason you’re avoiding <ion-datetime>?

Hi, Even I’m facing the same issue, unable to keep a default value in input type date. Did you find solution for the same?