Input - spellcheck option issue - Unable to copy asset information from

Does anyone know of a fix for this issue?

2017-05-05 16:12:26.932712+0100 KeyboardTest[1257:707504] [MobileAssetError:29] Unable to copy asset information from for asset type

This gets printed to the console in xcode - when focusing on an input, a text area for example and I believe is the reason by the spellcheck option no longer works (i.e. its an iOS issue rather than a Ionic one)

Anyone seen similar or have a fix?

Can you access this URL on the device?

If you google for this error message you can find multiple people asking for solutions, but the suggestion include turning off the spellchecker or supressing the error but nothing really helpful.

It gives the following response

Yes that’s what I found too - only a way to suppress the error message but
nothing that actually leads to he spellchecker actually working…

I would try to 1) clean the project, 2) reset the simulator or 3) try another simulator.

Ok I can try 1) but I’m testing on a real device rather than a simulator by
the way

Ohoh. Does spellcheck work in other apps?

Yes, works in what’s app for example…

same issue. Can anyone help me?