Autocomplete and spellcheck options do not work on ionic 3 ion-input

Can’t get these options to work on ion-input after upgrading to ionic 3

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What code are you using?

      <ion-input autocomplete="true" spellcheck="true" type="text" #chat_input [(ngModel)]="message" (keyup.enter)="sendMessage()"
        (focus)="updateScroll()" name="message" placeholder="Write a message...">

Hi Alex,

Running into the same problem. Autocomplete and spellcheck options not working for me.

<ion-textarea placeholder="Type your message here" [(ngModel)]="script.content" autocomplete="true" spellcheck="true" [disabled]="!isModificationEnabled" (keyup)="countWords(script.content)"></ion-textarea>

Have you made any headway? Thanks.

Just came across @rodneicouto’s solution (posted 14 days ago) - Going to give it a shot and see if it does the trick!

I tried this as well but spellcheck still doesn’t work on iOS device…

The strange thing is that the spellchecker does actually work randomly on some occasions an not on others, which would lead me to believe there is a race condition somewhere…

Hmm…that’s strange. Hope we can get some help with this problem.

Did you guys managed to make it work? i have the same problem. Even tho the attribute spellcheck seems to be abadoned and replaced by autocorrect=“on” it doesnt work and i am almost being pushed to make a implementation from ground up