Slide Box : Injecting slides dynamically


I am building a an expense in which the expenses are listed . Was thinking of implementing a slide box kinda feel. User can swipe left / right to view the previous and next day . Can I inject slides before and after the present slide ???.. Please Help …


I have same problem,

my app has 5 page:

  • New product: route ‘/newproduct’, controller: NewProductCtrl
  • Bestseller: route ‘/bestseller’, controller: BestsellerCtrl
  • Promotion: route ‘/promotion’, controller: PromotionCtrl

Now, i want design these 5 page inside a SlideBox, user can swipe left/right to move to other page.

Best solution? Thank you so much!


See this issue :

In in, Max mentions you can call SlideBoxDelegate.update() after updating the contents in the slide.


Hope you can help me with this . I was thinking of having a page in my app that lists some fields from the table according to the date . Sliding right / left will load the respective fields for the previous / next day . I wanted to get the slidebox as the UI , Like in a calender app . What is the best way to do that . ?? Should i write a directive to do that .??, I was thinking having 3 slides all the time . sliding left adds one slide to the left end and removes the right most slide . Respective way for both the sides . Is that the right way … Please help .