Collection Repeat + Infinite scroll problem ( no smooth scroll)

Hi Team,

I found this older issue : that describe exactly my problem (at least it looks like it), but while having similar issue I wonder if this was already fixed ?

I am using Beta #13 and still seeing this behaviour.

I do not really have a codepen example, but I would be able to provide to the Team the ID # for the Ionic view App where you could see the actual behaviour.

This seems to be also related: Collection-repeat + ion-infinite-scroll performances on beta 13

Thanks for any guidance you can provide,

Anybody or any suggestions ? ;-(

@calendee or @mhartington


Please test of the latest nightly builds. It should be fixed in there.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the feedback. I will do so. I am planing next week to migrate all to #14. To see if I can also remove some watches from the List Items i try to render.