Resize custom icons ionic

hi :slight_smile: !

I create my own icon but I can’t resize them in my application with font-size… Is it possible please ?

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You can only use font size on a font. use with and height instead. Or make a font for your icon.

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But with ionic icon font-size works so why that doesn’t work with my own icons ? And I already create a font for my icons I think…

ionicons are in a font thats why they work with font sizes.

can you share your code for showing your icon, please?

I follow this tutorial to create my icons :

And for showing my icon I put for example.

Thank for your help !

Someone have an idea please ? :frowning:

The unique solution I found is to put .ion-ios-ai-canard::before{
font-size: 70px;
for example. But why I can do like with ionic icon ?