Control Ionicon icon size

I’m struggling to get the Ionicon icons to the desired size while using a “lonely” <i class="icon ionicon-whatever-icon-i-want-to-use></i> tag. I’d like to create a sort of splash screen with just an image and a fairly big ion-loading-c icon; however, the icon keeps showing up with a tiny size and I can’t really find a way to control it (without explicitly inserting a .png, of the same icon, which feels weird…).

Thank you!


Ionicons are font icons.
Have you already tried to add a css line to your app, like:

i.your-class.ion-loading-c {
  font-size: 90px;



Yeah, that works. Thank you for the help and sorry for the dumb question…

Glad it helped and don’t worry @pmarchezz, it’s learning :slight_smile:

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Hi, i bump this thread
i’m really new to coding and new to ionic too.
I’m doing an UI app and i want to understand how does it work.

I did a simple button with an centered icon, but i can’t figure how to change the icon size, here is my code :smile:

i tried font-size = 100 but it doesn’t works, any help ?
Thank you :smile:

Have you set with px?


my role was always Desktop developer (Delphi, .net WPF) and background services (webservices, rest services…), but now I need move to web reality. I have a basic knowledge of CSS… would you mind suggesting me some resources, book, to learn more about it?

thank you

Not a dumb question! Helped me :smile:

I like to keep my CSS styles reusable, so I do it as follows.

In style.css, I declare a helper style “larger” as follows:

.larger {
    font-size: larger;

And then I can simply code it like this, adding the “larger” class to the HTML element:

<i class="icon ionicon-whatever larger"></i>

This way, I’m keeping my ‘concerns’ separated and my styles reusable.


Had the same issue here. Actually, the usage of <i class='icon icon-anything'></i> will inject content via css pseudo-selector ::before. So, to change the size of your icons you should go for a css like:

i.icon::before {
    font-size: 90px;

Maybe you can have a try for this

In html:

In your css file set font size to your prefer (large, x-large, xx-large, 200%, 300% …)
.mybtnstyle::before {
font-size: xx-large;


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To learn the basics , this is an excellent source:

my html code is here

`<div class="list">
      <a class="item item-thumbnail-left" herf="#">
          <img src="img/image/cover_03.png">
          <h2>Here is my resume.</h2>
              View my <b>Linkedin</b> profile.
                  <i class="ion-chevron-right"> read more...</i>

my css

i.ion-chevron-righ{ font-size: 300px; color : red; }

and the icon size is not increasing.
any idea ? please.

You have a typo right there in your CSS class, you simply missed a T :smile:

font-size: 300px;
color : red;

Oh sheet sorry to bother :neutral_face: and thanks to replay

Really worked really well for me. Thanks.:heart_eyes:

Yeah, I tried doing so, but it does not work

<button class="button button-large button-outline">
        <i class="icon ion-social-facebook"></i>

i.ion-social-facebook {
	color: #fff;
	font-size: 200px;
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i replaced icon with my style and it worked. Sorry for the mistake. And thanx… :slight_smile:

To change size icons seems to be good but what’s going on when that pixels are render on different device screen. My question is because i am android developer and when you develop for android you work with DP (Density-Independ Pixel). How i ensure, It resized icon will be showed right for all device. Sorry my bad english.

Just write
For Example .ion-social-facebook{font-size:15px !important;}